17 Best Free Literotica-Style Erotica Sites in 2020


Video pornography is often not fulfilling enough. The satisfaction that you urge needs a lot of creativity. With more and more countries banning online porn, people look for Literotica alternative options online.


There is something in the Literotica blogs which can dazzle your mind and take you into another world. When you combine creativity and imagination, you get Literotica styled writings which make you down to the deepest level of imagination.

Literotica contains the creativity of real and fiction stories of thousands of couples which would give you a different sensation that you have never felt in your life.

In this article, I have given the review of 17 similar sites like Literotica such websites on which you can access this written content for free. I have carefully given a summary of every Website in which I have defined everything that you will find on the specific Website.


Every Website is unique to its flavor and will give you a different touch. You must choose based on your interest, and it will open a new world of imagination for you.

This post is one of the most addictive forms of pornography that you have witnessed until today. Every Website has a different genre and contains various dirty memes and blogs, many of which are real-life stories of couples penned down magically.

So, let’s get started with the 17 Top free Literotica-Style Erotica websites that you can check globally to read sex stories.

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Top 17 Free Literotica Styled Erotica Sites in 2020

1. Literotica

Literotica Erotica Sites
© Literotica

Literotica as the name suggests, literotica.com features thousands of stories for the reader of every kind. It is a huge community of like-minded individuals. The first thing on the Literotica is a bulletin board on which you can talk to other readers and authors.

You also have the option to participate in a live chat which is available 24 hours of the day. They also feature an advice column on which you to get weekly advice. There is an interesting feature by which you can create an ad and meet new people.

You are encouraged to submit stories, pictures or other kinds of work to the website to become a part of the Literotica community. They also have a store on which you can buy a lot of new and unheard sex toys.

You can also watch adult movies completely free. In short, you will find everything to serve your sexual needs.

2. Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl Erotica Sites
© Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl is the pseudo name used by the writer for herself who owns the Website. It is a vast collection containing fiction stories of BDSM, bondage, fetish, threesomes, dominations, etc.

She gives out a clear disclaimer that the Website uses explicit descriptions of sexual encounters. This Website is ideal for people who like in-depth readings and many of the blogs on the website feature dark stories.

There is a precise categorisation of each kind of piece which makes it easy for you to choose your type of addiction and fall genuinely in love with it. She also encourages writers to donate to her Website as everything available is for free.

Believe me, after reading the blogs. You will genuinely feel like giving as there is a lot of value in those blogs, and that takes you to another world after you taste them.

3. Fuck Blogging

Fuck Blogging Erotica Sites
© Fuck Blogging

Fuck Blogging has been a lot of discussion about polygamous relationships these days. This Website is the best place which will give you the exact imprint of that. It is the story of a couple of all the stories that took place after they opened up their marriage.

Sex, love and everything blog has many stories about the polyamorous relationship of the couple and how they experiment all their fantasies and imaginations. This will be something new and will give you a different touch of reality and intimacy when shared among people.

They are definitely one hell of a sexually adventurous couple who love to experiment with the limits of their sexual life. Some of the stories will take you to another world whole together.

Start reading the first blog, and you will witness their private life right through their eyes and have the first-hand experience on what a polygamous relationship feels like.

4. Nifty

Nifty Erotica Sites
© Nifty

More than 90% of erotica blogs are focused on sexual Encounters of people with straight sexual orientation. Nifty comes to your rescue in such a case. It is written purely for the LGBT community. It gives you various options to browse.

You can browse with a filter for sexual orientation or fetish. It has an announcement wall and also an archive dating back to 1992 when it was formed. The blog also gives you an option to publish a story of your own. It has a closed community which also makes regular donations to the Website to keep it up and to run.

You can see the contributions of the month and even the donor honour roll. You can easily select from 4 headings, namely gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender and read relevant stories from the section.

After spending a few days on the blog, you will get to know about frequent writers and would be able to connect with their writings. It is the ultimate place to find the community of like-minded individuals that you have always been looking for.

5. Solo Touch

Solo Touch Erotica Sites
© Solo Touch

If you have been searching for Website dedicated to masturbation, your search ends here. Solo Touch is a collection of over 40,000 stories on the common topic of masturbation. It is one of the most interactive blogs as it has separate sections for a live chat where you have hundreds of people discussing their fantasies all the time.

You can also submit your own story just like the thousands of members of the blog do. You also have the option to participate in live webcam sessions, the intensity of which can be well imagined. There are also different forums dedicated to specific topics which will help you go deep on your fantasies.

There is a separate section for masturbation stories for every male or female combination. They also have an archive of past stories.

You also get the knowledge of various masturbation techniques and new sex toys that can give you a magical experience.

6. BDSM Cafe

BDSM Cafe Erotica Sites
© BDSM Cafe

BDSM Cafe is the best place on the internet that you can find for rough BDSM fantasies. It has a massive archive on bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. It has a large community of like-minded individuals who regularly contribute through various posts.

It also has poems, movies, media-kits and Guides, all in one place. Every article has relevant, beautiful dirty images that will light up the fire in you. It has a separate section for beginners who haven’t tried the world of BDSM.

Here you will get features of various articles guiding individuals into a new fantasy world. There is a lot of published stuff about safety so that everyone can have a good time without any mishaps. The novels section has various novels by well-known authors who take you to another world.

The platform also gives you a chance to submit a story of your own. You must not wait for it and give it a try right away.

7. Chyoa

Chyoa Erotica Sites
© Chyoa

Chyoa is a unique platform which gives readers a choice to select their own stories. You can always choose your narrative, choosing your happy ending. It values every writer and has an award system for them. This referred site is a bit different from the Literotica website.

There is a roll of honour on the Website, displaying notable writers with the number of awards. It has a guide section where you will get to know every rule of the platform. A forum section is also present where you can participate in discussions on various topics.

You can find notable most-read stories on the homepage. It has different sections for BDSM, cheating partners, bisexuals, fantasies and many others. You will learn and get to know about new things that will open a new world of fantasy for you.

8. Adult Fan Fiction

Adult Fan Fiction Sites
© Adult Fan Fiction

Adult Fan Fiction is the perfect blog for your nerdy fantasies. It is a goldmine for all the nerds. If you have ever considered that Lord of the Rings characters are among your fantasies, this is the place for you. They have a separate member section and you can also track members and connect with them. There is a separate section for news.

They have a vast archive of Anime, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, celebrity, cartoons, games, etc. Forums are also available on the blog, which features very different discussions on different topics. There is an information and support section which will solve all your queries and problems regarding the blog.

They also have an option where you can advertise your business on the blog. It is a very engaging community and a lot of the members donate to the blog. They have a donation goal on the top of the Website for every month.

9. Kinkly

Kinkly Erotica Sites
© Kinkly

Kinkly is one of the most diverse blogs you will ever read. They have blogs on every other topic, and it allows you to play with your fantasies. If you are looking for knowledge on sex toys and their usage, this is the blog for you.

They also have a different section for sexual health which covers a lot of topics and provides transparent information. You can read reviews for other types of sex toys. They also feature webinars regularly through which you can learn a lot.

They have beautiful graphics and knowledge for hundreds of sexual positions. It is extremely difficult to try everything on the blog and you can find a new thing every day. They have a trending section in which they feature different trending blogs.

They have their newsletter and give an option to business owners to advertise in it. You can also shop on the Website after reading thousands of available blogs.

10. Mr. Racy

Mr. Racy
© Mr. Racy

Mr. Racy contains posts by “Dave”, who described himself as fluent in three languages. English is the first, followed by profanity and sarcasm, and it has a separate section dedicated to prostate fun. The range of articles is very diverse from sex toys reviews to dating advice.

There are a lot of erotic stories with different themes and new experiences. Separate section for sex education will educate you about a lot of things that you haven’t heard till now. A block section on masturbation gives you hundreds of blogs on the theme of masturbation.

I personally never knew there would be so much about masturbation. They have been mentioned in a lot of places. For that, they have a separate press section on the Website.

On this blog, you will find the most significant resource for sex dolls.

11. Bellesa

Bellesa Literotica Sites
© Bellesa

Bellesa erotica site is created after considering the perspective of women. If you want to know about women and their sexual fantasies, this is the place to be. Most of the blogs have stories that consider women as objects of sexual pleasure.

Many people find this offensive and are bored of reading the same stuff. This blog is made to give you stories with a new perspective. The stories on the blog take women as objects of pleasure and celebrate their fantasies. After reading a few blogs, I even got to know a few things about the sexual preferences of a woman.

One of the best blog for women readers they can relate with all the articles and the thinking of the authors. You will get to learn about the things that turn on women.

Some of the blogs are literally priceless; the learning in them is arousing in nature.

12. Lush Stories

Lush Stories Erotica Sites
© Lush Stories

If you are looking for the social media of Literotica stories, you have come to the right place. You get a lot of options to interact with the Lush Stories community. You will be making a lot of like-minded friends on the blog. There are different types of chat rooms dedicated to specific purposes.

It is ideal if you have been curious about sexual activities and wanted to discuss with other people. They also feature live webcams, join these if you’re going to take things on another level.

Some of the webcam sessions go on extreme levels. Also, there is some straight-up available if you are of the cliche type. So it gives you a lot of variety depending on your mood and choices.

You will get to learn about new experiences and even witness these in front of your eyes. Visit and be a part of the community.

13. Scandarella

© Scandarella

Scandarella by Ella scandal is the biggest Website for online sex toy reviews. You won’t have to go to any other website for reviews for different products after visiting the Website. The Website also features various sexual stories covering many interests.

You will find every imaginable sex toy on the Website. There are hundreds of bondage accessories which have been reviewed extensively. You wouldn’t even have heard of the type of lubricants discussed here. They also feature various candles for BDSM and Kegel exercisers.

You will get to know and try different sexual activities. Some of the toys will open doors new and unheard sexual experiences. Apart from the reviews, you can listen to the experiences of people.

She is present on almost all the social media platforms, and you can be a part of the community by following her. Visit the Website and introduce yourself to a new world.

14. Novel Trove

Novel Trove Sites
© Novel Trove

Novel Trove is a blog for literary fans of erotic stories. It features a huge collection of stories covering different sexual preferences. You will find a separate section for the romantic experiences of people uniquely. There is an equal division between true and fictional tales. You will also find a lot of lengthy narratives often liked by readers.

It is a community of like-minded fans of erotica. They also give you a chance to submit a story of your own and be part of the community. A Separate part of the news on the blog tells you about different things happening in the community.

A different section for others is created where you can see their ratings and stories. It also has a Marketplace for people to buy writing-related services. They have various contests running at all times.

You can also become a part of different forums on specific topics. It is one of the most addictive blogs.

15. Alt. Sex. Stories Text Repository

Alt. Sex. Stories Text Repository
© Alt. Sex. Stories Text Repository

ASSTR features an archive of sexual stories of thousands of writers. You can’t scroll the Website by authors. You will love some of the authors, and many people start following writings from a particular author only. You have a search option available if you are looking for something in particular.

The most recent blogs are featured on the main page of the Website. Most of the particles are sorted according to different collections. The design of the Website is one of the most simple ones. They do not focus on the design side or graphics but are providing just a big archive of sexual stories like Literotica.

You will have to make an account to access the collection, but everything is free. To support the Website, the publisher has a separate section for donations and asks everyone to donate generously.

The Website is supported by a community which contains people that visit the Website regularly.

16. True Dirty Stories

True Dirty Stories
© True Dirty Stories

True Dirty Stories is the only Website which is focused purely on confessions like Literotica. You get an option to submit any sexual confession that you are afraid to confess in front of other people. There are hundreds of stories featuring sexual activities on extreme levels.

You may check funny horny memes that make your mind horny.

They have been categorised according to different sections, and you can view all of them for free. They also have a separate section for pay per view porn to support the Website financially. They feature top stories in a different section, and these are always mind-blowing.

A story archive section is present with thousands of old stories to satisfy your sexual reading desires. They also have a different section for 50 most unlikely stories, and all of these are a must-read.

All of the stories are to the point and short versions of an unexpected sexual encounter.

17. Sex Stories Arena (Disable Site)

If you love to hear read about sexual encounters of people, Sex Stories Arena and Literotica are the best places for you. On this Website, you will find many active couples who post their stories, giving intricate details about their private sex life.

The best part about the Website is that it also has a feature where you can write your own stories if writing also turns you on.

There are numerous blogs of real-life stories, and it is a community of like-minded sex enthusiasts who share a common hobby of reading about sexual encounters. This will open up a knowledge base for you where you will get to know about different things which you have never tried, and some of them would be the ones with you didn’t even know about.

The world of sex is an intense and big one, and this blog will act as a door for you to this world.

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