About us

Life is a lot better when one and all are smiling. The sound of hilarity is like the domed pitch of a temple of joy. To share and produce this joy is what our objective is all about. TextMemes is all about scattering smile and joy.

TextMemes is a website that researches, crafts and documents online memes and viral happenings. We keep in mind the issue of “Virality” and as a result dish you up with more than a few formats of memes.

We are specialists in analyzing and understanding the audience’s minds and come up with ideas in view of that. With our major center of attention on viewers’ engagement, we bring out-of-the-box and inventive content so that we stay linked to people and gratify their interests.

The best thing about Text Memes is “100 % Organic audience.” It is the love, affection, adoration, and care of our audience that makes us stand on social media platforms.

We present you a wide variety of flirty, lively, animated, frisky and energetic memes on all occasions. We look forward to research, test and try out. We keep challenging ourselves to walk around more and generate new standards in the industry.

Our team provides an assortment of inputs right from producing content that would make you express amusement, chuckle, giggle and cackle.  Our super trending jokes, tittle-tattle, hearsays, and gossips would bring a grin to your face or add a value to your feelings.

So yes, you are going to find it all here at Text Memes. Just get ready to get pleasure from the absolute dose of everyday amusement!